510 Arlington; Chicago IL

This renovation of a vintage brownstone will result in a “new “ 4600 sq. foot single family home. The first floor contains the front entry, parlor/ dining room combination, a large kitchen and family room which is accommodated through a rear addition. The second floor houses the master suite, laundry and home office, and the third floor contains the children’s bedrooms, baths, and playroom. The basement was made habitable through the addition of windows on the long east facing side of the building. This level was then incorporated into the living space and now contains the family recreation room, guest suite and mechanical rooms.

The project presented some special limitations. Chief among these were the short site length and lack of alley access. Special restoration services were employed including reconstructing decorative sheet metal work, sourcing new sandstone sills and headers to match the existing salvaged material, replacing the original turret windows with new curved sashes, and a new front door replicating the original Eastlake decorative style. The exterior brickwork will be cleaned and stained to blend the old and new, and decorative railings will be added for the rear addition’s roof deck. Occupancy is scheduled for June, 2006.

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