114-20 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL.
for Moran and Associates

This project explores the particular potential and limits of a midblock site in Chicago’s popular West Loop Gate neighborhood. Although the zoning ordinance permitted up to 43 dwelling units, the 74 foot lot width determined the number of units that were possible due to the limited area within the building footprint that was available to fit a below grade parking garage and access ramp. The building comprises a total of 24 condominium units: floors 2 and 3 contain six units each, while floors 4 through 6 have four units per floor. The first floor features two storefront retail spaces along with the residential lobby and elevator. The underground parking garage provides 18 parking spaces, while the rear of the lot accommodates another 6 parking spaces within attached garages which are accessed from the alley.

The midblock site position requires that the light and ventilation requirements for each unit be met primarily through the front and rear facades, but light wells are designed into the side lot line faces of the building to provide light and air into the interior bedrooms of the corner units and to anticipate the eventual lot-line-to-lot-line development of the adjacent lots.

Each unit has an exterior balcony, which, at the corners, is semi recessed. The front elevation is further articulated with projecting central bay windows at floors 4,5,and 6 and projecting central balconies at floors 2 and 3. The structural system is a concrete frame which minimizes the floor depths and opens the primary building faces to large areas of glass, while the concrete portal frames at the centers of these facades provide both lateral bracing and conspicuous elevation features. In concert, these elements convey a sleek, modern appearance which is in keeping with the sophisticated taste of the developers and their prospective buyers.


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