1949 N. Seminary, Chicago IL

At the time of purchase, the buyers of this single family home located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood were attracted to the property’s wide lot width and distinctive front facade. The project consisted of the demolition of the original rear kitchen and second floor rear bedroom. This was then replaced with a 3500 sq. ft addition, garage, and interior renovation of 2300 sq. ft of the existing home. The combined addition/renovation housed a new kitchen, family room, three bedrooms with ensuite baths, two studies, upstairs laundry, two roof decks, and basement guest suite with children’s rec-room. The general massing of the project divides into three sections: The first is the vintage front facade and the south side yard, which were kept intact. The second contains the new first floor kitchen and renovated potions of the existing second, new third floor master suite and basement level which expand modestly into the south yard. The last section houses the new family room, new basement rec-room, and children’s bedrooms. This portion extends further into the south yard. This telescoping effect creates a series of “stepbacks” which allow more opportunities to let in light from different orientations, and increases the width of the building at the rear of the site to accommodate the larger space requirements of the family room and upstairs master suite. Costs were contained, and maximum interior space maintained, by selecting an exterior insulation system with metal stud construction. The overall project comprises over 6300 sq. ft. of finished interior space inclusive of garage and basement levels.


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