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9435 N. Springfield  Ave., Skokie , IL.

This 1100 sq. ft.  construction featured an extension to the existing  kitchen, the addition of a new family room, a mud room and a side entrance to the house for the children and   students who come to the house for music lessons. Other aspects of this project include a new “ kids’ garage” where skates, bikes, and sports equipment could be stored (rather than in the existing garage), and the reconstruction of an existing screened porch, the roof of which provides a deck for the master bedroom. The special feature of this project is the clerestory that rings the rooms at the ceiling line. The walls dividing the rooms from each other end at the clerestory level; this allows every room to share in the natural light throughout the day, and gives a feeling of openness without sacrificing needed wall space and visual privacy between rooms. This feature also provides a spatially dynamic contrast to the rooms of the original house, which are arranged in a more traditional manner.

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