5423 N. Winthrop Ave., Chicago IL

This building was one of the pilot projects for the “Four Plus One Facade Program” sponsored by the 48th Ward, the City of Chicago Department of Housing, the East Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and the Edgewater Community Council. The purpose of this program was to promote economical means by which existing 4 +1’s appearance and environmental performance could be enhanced. These pilot projects are to serve as examples of the redevelopment potential of approximately 60 4+1’s in the Edgewater area.

A radically improved appearance was achieved by utilizing some of the “lucky” accidents occurring in the existing construction. Among these was the existing concrete beam spanning the front face of the building which projected beyond the exterior face of the existing brick wall at the upper four floors. This provided a ready-made “brick ledge” that was used to support an additional wythe (layer) of brick which was laid in panels of contrasting brick colors. This introduced a new sense of dimension to the existing bland facade, which was further enhanced by reworking the existing window openings to accommodate sliding patio doors with sidelights and decorative railings. The front lobby entrance was accentuated with a new pergola, plantings, and garden furniture. This project received a “2004 Good Neighbor Award” from the Chicago Association of Realtors.


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