741-5 N. Wolcott Ave., Chicago, IL

This property featured two existing buildings on one 60’ x 75’ lot. These had recently held as many as 14 units in what were originally a 6-flat and adjacent 2 flat structures. The existing raised basement of the north building (the 2 flat) was filled in and the first floor removed to provide enclosed on-grade parking for 5 cars. The existing front vestibule and stair were retained to service two upstairs units: a second floor 2 bedroom/ 2 bath flat, and a similar third floor unit which was created by adding a third floor to the existing building.

The 6 flat was reconfigured to contain only 4 units: (2) 2 bedroom/2 bathroom duplex units are located on each side of the center stairwell and extend between the basement and the first floor. The second and third floor each contain a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath flat.

The two buildings were joined together by the access stair to the 2 apartments in the upper floors of the two flat. This stair location utilizes the gangway space between the buildings, thus capturing wasted overhead space and avoiding the sacrifice of existing interior floor area to circulation, while still allowing passage to the rear yard at the ground level. This device also makes the two buildings one thereby overcoming the zoning ordinance which mandates that only one building occupy a lot of record.


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